Telephone System 電話系統

本公司提供香港/國內電話系統(DigitalKeyline) & PABX System 工程、安裝及保養,銷售各牌子電話系統型號,代辦申請各種商業電話線(Business Phone Line), 寬頻申請(Broadband Application Service), T1線及一般電話線,更是專業數碼對話錄音系統(Digital Voice Logging System)及留言信箱系統(Voice Mail System)安裝、編程、維修保養及搬遷工程。

Yes, when you consider its Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)- initial investment, operating expenses, training, support, administration, security and migration. A right phone system solution brings about a profitable operation in your office.

The telephone console, PABX system and other system solutions that we provide will certainly meet your requirements. We are glad to give you analysis and evaluation of your unique organization's environment.

With advanced of technology, the solution that we provide brings control of telephony features and related call information right to the desktop, yours employees can use their computers to answer calls, scroll directories and databases, or call up the file of those who are calling, or those what are yet to be called-all before picking up the phone.