Networking 網絡工程


· 伺服器房設計
· 活動式地板系統
· 漏水檢測系統
· FM200及防火系統
· 不間斷供電系統
· 空調系統
· 伺服器機櫃系統及19"機架系統
· 結構化佈線系統

In the new era, technology becomes an integral and vitally importantly part of business. in any companies, you will find that there are high technology equipment, such as workstation, servers and networking equipment. How can we make all our equipment, cables, hubs, router organized? How can we allocate equipment to utilize space? How can we protect our critical equipment and data from disaster?

Science the establishment of our company, we have been using the most up-to-date technology in providing total solution for computer room which integrated the work of IT and E&M.

Our services include:
· Computer Room Design
· Raised Floor System
· Water Leakage Detection System
· FM200 & Pre-action Fire Fighting System
· Uninterrupted Power System (UPS)
· Air Conditioning System
· Server Rack-System and 19" Rack System
· Structured Cabling System